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Sign up to Forsage by yourself

Make your own account and get setup!

You are welcome to setup on your own if you don't want us to do the technical side for you.
You can sign up using your Desktop computer or your mobile device.
Simply the process can be broken down into 3 steps:

Download TronLink Wallet

Buy Tron

and then Fund your wallet

Sign up to Forsage

Use the link below
So first you need to download Tronlink Wallet - This is your secure personal wallet to store your Tron, your earned funds will be stored here. You can use this on your smart phone or browser. 

Head on over too: to download it. Carry out the registration procedure and make sure to save the login, and your password as well as the 12 words, preferably write them down somewhere safe. If you need more help with this you can follow this guide.

Once you have downloaded it, you need to move some Tron (trx) coins into the wallet, you only need 400 Trx to get started. If you do not have any tron you can buy some on Binance, or whichever exchange you prefer to use.

Once you have your Tron (trx) coins in your Tron link wallet you can sign up to forsage here:

See below for more direct instructions via phone or computer browser. Make sure that it is showing the invitee as 29910, this means we will be your upline and you have more chance of spillover and making more Tron.

Once you are signed up, you just need to click on your referral link in Forsage and send this to other people who also want to sign up themselves. Or you can manage it for them by creating another user account in your Tronlink wallet and signing them up under you. Alternatively we can sign people up under you by selling them a package (contact us in this case).
Instructions for setting up Forsage on your Smartphone
1) Copy the link and paste it into the Tronlink dApp browser / discover Tronlink
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2) Follow the orange link "Registration in"
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3) Check the id of your invitee is 29910 and click the "Automatic registration" button
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4) On the payment page, enter your account password and click "Confirm"
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After the transaction is approved, restart the TronLink application. To buy extra slots, you need to log in to your personal account again - use the DApp browser in the TronLink application. To view your personal account, you can use any other browser using your TRX wallet number or ID.
Instructions for setting up Forsage on your PC or Mac
To register in the project using a computer, you need to install the TronLink browser extension. This is your personal wallet for Tron cryptocurrency, which will store the earned funds. The wallet belongs only to you and is used for automatic registration and authorization on the site.

1. Install the TronLink extension in your browser: extension for Chrome. to download it.
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2. Carry out the basic registration procedure. The login and password of the account should be securely stored in several places (preferably printed), as well as the 12 created words - this is the access key to the wallet. In the event of a LOSS of these control words (keys), access to the wallet will be impossible to restore.

3. Buy some Tron (TRX) Crypto currency, you can use binance or any other exchange or wallet you prefer. Copy your tronlink wallet address, and withdraw it to this address. Once you have Tron in your wallet proceed to the next step.

4. Launch the browser, launch TronLink, check the balance - follow this referral link:
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5. Check the ID of the invitee is 29910 (this is us so you get more spillover and join our community) then click on the Automatic Registration button below it, see screenshot below.
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6. Tronlink wallet should load up, then click Accept / Confirm button (screenshot below) After 5-10 minutes once the transaction is complete you will be logged into your Forsage dashboard.
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7. You will be able to see the first slots open on each Matrix. On the left you can see your ID number, the amount of people you have referred, the amount of Tron you have earned in total and the dollar $ value of the amount you have earned. Underneath this you will see your affiliate link, this is what you send people to promote your account and start earning once they sign up.
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8. It is time to tell your friends, market the project and spread the word. You will only need a few referrals to get your originaly investment back, after that it is just profit! The amount you can make it unlimited. Anyone you refer the payment will go directly into your Tron wallet, good luck!