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Dummies Guide to Forsage

A complete breakdown of the process in a simple to understand way.

You can get earning with Forsage in 3 simple steps, and we will go into detail below for each part of the process.
Sign up to Forsage

You can either buy one of our packages and let us do the work, or set it up yourself.

Grow the community

Refer people to us or gather referrals directly. Once they sign up you get paid directly into your wallet

Earn Passively

You can cash out your Tron into £ pounds, or keep accumulating tron or exchange to a different crypto.

Signing up and Forsage
So here you have 2 options, you can sign up to the project directly yourself, or you can buy one of our package's and we will setup your account for you.

Setup yourself - Just follow the instructions here and get going, you will need 400 Tron (trx coins) to start.
Buy a package - You bank transfer us the money for the package you want and we will do all the technical stuff and get you ready.

You have a Forsage account, how does it make money?
Simply put it is a community, you refer other people to the project and you all benefit, the bigger you help grow the community the more you will earn. Everytime you refer someone, you will earn Tron directly into your wallet, but you can also earn just by being part of our team - via spillover and how the matrix system works inside Forsage. If the people who join underneath you refer people too, you will also earn!

Do I need to refer to get my investment back?
You can earn by spillover, just for being in the project, this will benefit you the most the more slots you have open, this is not guaranteed however and the revenue is limited, we highly recommend signing up new people to the project.