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You are in control

Forsage is not classed as a pyramid or ponzi scheme and here is why..

The main difference is due to the fact that you are always in control of your crypto and funds at all times, payments are made directly into your own wallet, its peer to peer. No company, admin or person ever holds or touches your assets.

Let us go through a few features of a Pyramid scheme and then look at each point in relation to Forsage
The earlier you arrive the more you earn

Regardless of when new members join the opportunities remain the same. There are many cases where new members are earning more than the number 1 spot in the project and their uplines

Can be closed at any time

The project is run on the blockchain, it cannot be closed or ended at any time. It cannot be shut down or changed by any goverment or body because it is decentralised. This is one of the key features of the project.

Normally creates debts or other obligations

Forsage does not create any debts and there are no obligations. There is a minimal entry fee 400 Tron, this is about £15 at the current price to join the project. This can be recouped very soon after joining, just by referring one other person. Consequent levels can be funded from profits if the member chooses.

The creators take a cut of your investment

Members receive 100% of the investment from new members, directly into their wallet. There are no commissions or fee's taken by the creators of the project. The creators made the smart contract and this is automatically run on the blockchain

Often Illegal with no product or service to offer

Forsage is legal as members are funding their sponsors goals and are actually purchasing a 'Smart contract' to set their own goals. They specify their own goals within the platform, it is similar to crowdfunding.

Promises payouts to the members

Forsage does not make unfulfillable promises to its members. it states what is possible but makes no guarantee's. It is up to the members to make it work and earn.

You have to recruit 100's of members to break even

Each members success is entirely in their own hands, the structure is sustainable and stable. It is up to them how many people to refer. You only have to refer a couple of people to get your original investment back, but you can also get spillover from below or above.

Centralised Hierarchy with no clarity

There is no central board or executives, admin etc. The creators are on the same level as the members. It is totally transparant even for non-members to scrutinise as everything is on the blockchain and you can view it at any point.

The admins can disappear with the funds

There is absolutely zero risk of this happening, as the funds are sent directly into your wallet, and not in a centralised location. The creators or admins have no access to your wallet or funds. There is no risk of theft.

The platform can crash, shut down or be hacked

With Forsage it is decentralised on the blockchain, it cannot be shutdown and will still run automatically. Even if the website is hacked the smart contract will still run. Remember there are no funds held on the website only in members wallets.

Terms can change at any time

The terms of the platform cannot be altered in any way due to the smart contract it is based on. The creators have no influence over the terms and it cannot be modified in any way, ever.